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Poster: madsiur Date: Aug 20, 2017 12:25am
Forum: faqs Subject: Unable to archive HTTPS forum pages

I maintain a Final Fantasy ROM hacking forum. We installed a SLL certificate a few weeks ago. We are hosted by GoDaddy and the certificate is issued by GoDaddy.

Internet archiving with wayback machine was still working until I recently redirect correctly all HTTP page requests. It however does not and has never worked for as an example or (which now redirect to anyway..) .

I get the page "Bummer. This url is not available on the live web or can not be archived".

Could the problem be with the SSL certificate? Or with my HTTPS redirection in .htaccess? I have no robots.txt file either. We are running MyBB forum engine. I found little similar example cases on google to help me solve this and it seems IA have no longer a wayback machine forum..

Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!